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Keith Wayne was born and raised in Texas. His parents discovered he was musically talented when at the age of six he climbed up on the piano bench and started to play the songs they sang in church, along with some country songs he heard on the radio. They knew he had a special gift because Keith had no formal music training. His passion for music grew as he started writing his lyrics. Shortly afterward Keith and his wife, Heidi, moved to Nashville to pursue a career in the country and Christian music industry, and his wife Heidi began writing with Keith as well. She has written many songs over the years with Keith, and the song she wrote with him titled “I Want To Know Your Heart” will be on his next album which will be released in July of 2020. He did some touring all over the United States and did session work playing piano on music row in Nashville. His first album got some radio play and got to perform on the Grand Ole' Opry. Keith will continue to write songs and longs for his music to touch many. 

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