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Where's the Proof

October 17th daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


Hebrews 11:3

By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God's command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

One of my hobbies is playing racquetball and get a chance to meet different people from doctors, lawyers, Police officers, etc. One particular day I went to work out and hit some ball a little at the gym and an attorney was there wanting to hit. We call it "hit" as a racquetball term. We played for an hour or so and came out of the court to sit down and shoot the breeze. On his shirt was written in big letters, "EVOLUTION" and thought this would be a good chance to witness. I asked the opening rhetorical question, "So, do you believe in God?" "No! I believe in evolution." I asked him if he thinks that evolution is science. His response was, "Oh yes, without a doubt!" and then asked him to tell me a time that scientists proved by observation and repeatable experimentation that evolution exists, and I mentioned to him that there is an evolution that does exist and that's to change from one species to another species of the "same" kind. There is microevolution and then there is macroevolution, but the other type of evolution has not and cannot exist as of today. Scientists have even tried to do it and it became mutated and fizzled out to destroy their conclusion. I don't know exactly what my message to him did, but I'm sure it made him think just a little. How many times do we just accept something because we think that it is real? If explosions produce chaos and disorder, then how can the big bang produce order? From Aristotle to Einstein they believed that the universe was divine. The reason why they had to coin the phrase "Big Bang" is they mentioned that if we say the universe is divine then the Christians can say that God is divine. You see, there are either laws given or a lawgiver. One day my little girl asked me the question, "Daddy! if evolution does exist, then why didn't the monkeys stop being monkeys?" That's a good question. In bible college, we studied a little theology, and I can remember studying about God. The word for how God was always there and was not created is a word that means, "God Needs Nothing To Exist" and even though we can't necessarily prove that evolution or God exists by science doesn't mean that God doesn't exist. It is by faith that many believe in evolution, and it is by faith that we believe in Christ Jesus as our Lord. Throughout the old testament, there are prophecies after prophecies about Jesus. It talks about where Jesus would be born, how Jesus would be crucified, the manner of Jesus' death, and God speaks in Genesis 3:15 about Jesus destroying the power of the devil by the seed. Even historians from the past that didn't necessarily believe in God documents that the words spoke about Jesus did come to past to the letter. Scientists can prove that there were earthquakes and other things that did happen according to the bible. I encourage you today to not just accept something because someone else says it but accept the word of God that He is the only true and living God of our universe.


Lord, even though we can't put you in a glass tube and study you, we know that you exist by faith. Help us, Lord, to walk this walk with your hand in our hand, and help us to increase in faith of your Son Jesus. We ask that you would give us the words to say to those that don't believe in you and help us to continue in what we believe. Amen.

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