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Well-Watered Bereans

November 18th daily blog devotional


Acts 17:11

Now, these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to see whether these things were so.

One thing that should motivate us about the Berean citwell-wateredia is that the Bereans researched what Paul was teaching diligently. They studied the old testament prophesies concerning the resurrection of Jesus. The word Berean means “well watered” and this is exactly what Paul did. He gave them solid water for their soul. The remnant body of Believers in the last day will have to shake off religious traditions and unscriptural teachings that watered down the gospel and quenched the Holy Spirit in times past. Did the Holy Spirit still move even with these things that took place in the church as a whole? Of course. God still moved upon many ministers and missionaries even though they taught some things that were not clear in scripture. God still moved upon many through healings, building churches all across the world, and other things. The problem is that true discipleship is not made, and discipleship has become a marketing strategy and money maker versus doing what Jesus told us to do, "Go and make disciples." A lot of things we consider good have just been swept under the spiritual rug because we don't have time to deal with it. This is not so anymore. There are those in the body of Christ who are Bereans and will fight tooth and nail to bring forth sound doctrine and purity back to the body of Christ. Sometimes we will believe anything someone preaches or teaches without weighing it. I've heard many ministers even say, "We can agree to disagree, and this can be very dangerous because what if that particular minister agrees with something unscriptural? Let's be some good Bereans and study to see if what is being taught, sung, or written is true.

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