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We Need a Rebible

September 24th daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards

Psalms 85:6 - Wilt thou not revive us again: that thy people may rejoice in thee? 2 Chronicles 7:14 - If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. In India, a native wrote to a friend about a great revival in the area and he said, “We are having a great rebible here!” We know that this is not the correct spelling for revival, but we can learn something here. Revival means "new life" and it always starts with the bible saturating His bride through the bride repenting for the condition of the church. Throughout history, we see Christendom with many distinctions that mark a particular denomination, but God is wanting us to just be the new testament church, and we can be that church-going forth in our calling, advancing God's Kingdom, and moving forth in the power of the Holy Spirit, yet rooted in sound doctrine. If you look at each type of denomination, you will see what they emphasize is taught in scripture. We see sacrament taught in scripture, the conversion is essential to our protestant belief, the power of the Holy Spirit is taught, and we see doctrine is taught as well. Sometimes though we see a particular denomination lift there head up in arrogance and say, "We are right, and you are wrong!" This will kill revival because the world sees this hate among the protestants. It's amazing to see when something is wrong with our the church you will see some reformed group get together and make a declaration or some type of article dealing harshly with the problem. There's nothing wrong with bringing forth sound doctrine and truth to a certain situation that needs to be dealt with, but I'm talking about the venom that is sometimes shot through the veins of the church. This can kill the fire of a productive church. Revival should be a lifestyle and not just a season. You can see some strengths and weaknesses in different denominations, but before a powerful pure revival can break loose, we have got to bind together and be the church, and the Holy Spirit wants to perpetually flow as the church. We sometimes get so caught up with fads and theological issues, that we lose sight with what we are here for. Revival shouldn't be confined within the four walls of the church building but should be out on the highways and byways. Our devotional life should be a revival. Our lifestyle should be changed day by day to reflect Christ more and more, and so we what we need is a rebible. I want us to reflect on something about the word revive in psalms 85:6. The Hebrew word for revive is châyâh and it means to live, continue in life, and cause to grow. Our soul is a garden, and we need to let the water of God's word water the garden allowing us to be revived in the very intrinsic nature of Christ Jesus. Another thing I want us to look at is the ancient Hebrew pictographs for live is a picture of a hand and tent. The hand represents a moving force of the hand, and tent is to protect from the elements. So, we need to be the hands of Christ Jesus reaching out to a broken world, or as our Pastor, Randy Berg says, "we need to be Jesus with skin on!" We also need to not let the world be an influence to the church, but the church needs to be an influence to the world. This is the tent wall of God's holiness that needs to be shielded around our hearts as the bride of Christ individually and corporately. Lastly, let's seek God's face through fastings and prayers through repentance. Let's get the bible back in the church, and watch and see how a rebible will bring forth a revival.

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