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The Soldier

November 21st daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


3Endure hardship with us likes a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

Throughout my life, I've had friends that were in the service. Some were in Vietnam, some were in other wars. My father was a military man, along with his whole family, so I know different things about being a soldier by being around them. One particular friend that I worked with was in the special forces and went to war. He would tell me about how they would help with the training of Navy Seals and the things that were imparted to them to be sharp and ready for war. One particular thing that I asked him about was, "what do you do when you get stranded out in the ocean?" He told me that you watch the birds. At night the birds go back to land because they can't see well for there catch of food, so you follow the birds at night and go away from the birds during the day because they are going out towards the ocean during the day for there catch of food. Immediately, I thought about us as soldiers of Jesus Christ. When we get stranded in life's ocean, we need to focus totally on Christ Jesus. His voice is like that bird that flies towards land at night, and towards the ocean during the day. With patience, we can hear his voice and navigate our way by His grace to the land of our calling, destiny, and what God has for us. You may be in an ocean of mess today. I want to encourage you to listen with patience for God's voice to get to the place He wants you to be in. We may get ourselves in an ocean of mess by choices we make, a tragedy that comes our way, or other things that cause us to lose focus. Another thing about a soldier, is they get wisdom in certain situations so that they can make it through. There was this story of a private that couldn't stand this one Sergeant. He would always scream at him the words, "Get Down!" He got so tired of this particular Sergeant. When he went to war he heard those words again screaming in his head after a gunshot went off. He immediately got down and the bullets missed him by inches. Even though the Sergeant wasn't there he could hear those words in his head after that blast of a gunshot. That Sergeant saved his life and he was thankful for that man that he didn't like. How many times do we hear the Holy Spirit talk to us about certain traps and situations we may get into if we don't change our course in a certain situation. God doesn't scream at us the way a Sergeant does or call us things that they would call a soldier, but listening to God's voice is so important. Jesus said, " my sheep know my voice, and no other voice will they follow." Are you lost in an ocean of mess today? You just had a tragedy hit you, or maybe something else in life hit you and you don't know what to do? Hear his voice today. Let Jesus wrap his arms around you as you follow his course in the destiny and calling that He has got for you.


Lord, we come to you as soldiers of the most high. We ask that you help us hear your voice today in a great way. Help us to be the soldier of your grace to others, and help us to train faithful one's for the ministry of a good soldier in the fight for lost souls, and advancing your Kingdom to the fullest degree. We ask this in your name. Amen.

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