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The Jonah Generation

November 15th daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


Jonah 1:3

But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD. So he went down to Joppa found a ship which was going to Tarshish, paid the fare, and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the LORD.

Have you ever wondered about what was going on in Jonah's adventure on his way to Tarshish? God called him as a prophet to the city of Ninevah, and Jonah knew that this wicked city would eventually destroy Jerusalem. Jonah didn't want them to receive God's love and forgiveness in a way. If you look at the book of Nahum, you can see how wicked and evil this city was. They were very warlike and brutal. They were like the Nazis of there day. Ninevah was the city that Isaiah, Hoseah, and Amos prophesied the destruction by the Assyrians, which is Ninevah, and Jonah knew that this great city of Ninevah would one day destroy Israel. Jonah believed the prophets' that foretold Israel being destroyed and taken captive by the Assyrians, and God knew that his prophet would disobey Him and prepared a big fish to swallow him. God knows when we are going to disobey him as well and he makes a reservation at the fish hotel, and after staying at the fish hotel for about three days we will be ready to go back and serve God with a whole heart. I want us to see something though. God used Jonah to touch the lives of Gentiles on that ship to Tarshish. The men were so afraid of that storm, that they made vows to the God that Jonah believed in. God can still use us if we messed up. You may be at that place today where you may even have to stay a little longer in a place that God didn't want you in, to begin with, but God will still use you to touch those around you. We see this in Jonah's life here as a prophet of God. Sometimes the evilest people around you will try and awaken the God inside of you, and you find yourself being tossed back and forth asleep at the bottom of the ship of life. If Ninevah can repent then anyone can repent. I remember doing prison ministry with someone years back who was once in the mob. We'll just call him John doe. He turned his life over to Christ and repented of his sins. He was very powerful in ministry. I would go with him to the prison and do some ministry in music while he preached to all of those prisoners. You wouldn't believe the altar call. Many would run to the altar, murderers, rapists, etc. and I would pray with them. If John Doe can come to Christ then anyone can. I would just be touched when I talked with John. He was about four hundred pounds, and solid as a brick wall, but tears would begin to fall down his face when he talked about the Lord. I couldn't believe that someone as evil as John once was could fall on his face and repent of his sins. This is what Ninevah did. you never know who that person will be that you win to the Lord, and you never know who is watching you. Never take it for granted who God will send to you. Do you find yourself today on a trip to Tarshish so to speak? You find yourself in a storm that you might have brought upon yourself maybe through some wrong choices or maybe some disobedience in some areas, or maybe God has called you to witness to someone and you don't think they deserve God's love. You can turn your eyes upon Jesus today and ask Him to help you in whatever you are facing. He may prepare a big fish or whale to swallow us for a while, but it's for preservation and pruning. We may find ourselves wrapped in the seaweed of life, but God is merciful and forgiving to bring us to a place of His Spirit. Let's obey God today in making disciples, advancing God's Kingdom, and doing the works of Christ Jesus.


Lord, we pray today that you would help us to repent in some areas where maybe we haven't been pure. Maybe we fled from a calling or something that you want us to do, and you have been trying to show us the right way to go but we have been dull of hearing your voice. Show us how to persevere the storms and trials that come our way, by even the choices we might have made that brought those particular storms in our life and help us to open our eyes to the right path down that ocean of life. Amen.

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