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That Ole' Truck Bed

October 24th daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


Ezekiel 36:26

"Moreover, I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you; and I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

One day my son and I were at the park we would go to quite frequently. He was only four at the time, and at the back part of this park were some tractors and old trucks that were fenced in at an old truck parts junkyard. My son and I would walk up this big hill and you could see his eyes get big as saucers as he would stare in amazement. One day there was this one truck that actually had some grass growing through the bed of this rusty old truck. My son said, "Daddy, how can something grow in something so dirty?" Immediately, I thought about us. God took a sinner like us who had a dirty old truck bed with no solid foundation, and God came and made something out of us. Our mess became a message. He takes us and makes us brand new in Him in the born again experience. That ole' truck bed becomes a new Christ bed and God plants new seeds in us rooted and grounded in His word. There is a garden within us that can be watered by the word of God. It's not all about us anymore, but it's all about him. You see, we were so self-centered before we met the Lord, and now that we have been saved we need to allow our lives and our mind, will, and emotions to tap deep into that place with Christ. We need to remain in Christ as one with Him. But Oh! there are times as Christians when we start allowing some things to come in our lives. We begin to stop growing as a Christian and lose focus. We plant different things in our soul that is not good. It's like that ole' truck bed. When we get to this place in our lives, We can let God heal us and bring us back to a deeper relationship with Him. We can find that place in Him again that is birthed from our spirit instead of the soulish things that we created ourselves. Friend if you have gotten to this place just remember that your mess can become a message, and your tests can become a testimony. God can bring forth restoration for you today. Oh! but how it hurts when he disciplines us to bear fruit again when He prunes us to bear more fruit in our lives. We have run away with our own agenda and tried to get impatient as we walk this Christian walk in our way at times as children of God. This brings us to our next but last thing. As I turn around I can see my Son running ahead of me. He knows better than to leave me like that, so I say, "Son! get back over here this instant!" Let's get real. How many times do we run ahead of Him exploring our gifts and talents our self? How many times do we find that without God holding our hand and guiding us we would get frustrated at times because we have lost our Daddy God? Let's let God hold our hand today as we walk out our Christian walk with His seeds of revelation being planted deep within us. We can walk with our Daddy God and experience the great things that we long to see with Him. Do you have a mess in your life from maybe a tragedy or trauma and you don't know what in the world you are going to do. Look to your Father God today and let Him heal you and pull any weeds or rocks out of your ole' soul that you may have let in.


Lord, we come to you in your mighty name and ask that you pull any rocks and weeds out of our soul that shouldn't be there. We need your touch today Lord in a mighty way. We know that it's going to hurt when you start to pull those things out of us that we planted our self, but we know that we can't bear fruit in the right way without you pruning us and clipping any unnecessary things away from us. We are sorry Daddy God for running without you at times, and we long to hold your hand today as you take us down the path of your ways. Amen.

by Keith Edwards

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