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Strengthen My Hands

November 10th daily blog devotional


Nehemiah 6:9

They were all trying to frighten us, thinking, "Their hands will get too weak for the work, and it will not be completed." But I prayed, "Now strengthen my hands."

In our Christian walk, there is going to come persecution rise up against us. If we are doing anything for God, the enemy will come with everything he has got to stop us dead in our tracks in the race that God wants us to run. I have seen in my life persecution come against me from every angle. God is raising true ministers today to bring forth a measuring line in the church, and He's going to severe the umbilical chord that has been allowed to be birthed in the church flowing from the world. Here in Nehemiah, we see the walls get built, however, Nehemiah had opposition come his way by Sanballat, Geshem, and Tobiah. They were coming at Nehemiah as strong as they could to stop the completion of the temple. Nehemiah kept on going though, and in fifty-two days the walls of the temple was completed. God does this with us. We start building some walls of our destiny as living stones, and opposition comes our way. The enemy will use people to try and stop you from reaching that place. It could be a deeper walk with the Lord, or it could be a ministry, whatever it is rest assure that the enemy is right there waiting to find a soft place to paralyze us spiritually from reaching that goal. The enemy will place thoughts of fear in our thinking, and he will tell you that you are no good and you won't ever make anything of yourself. I want to encourage you today to keep building. Ask God to strengthen your hands as Nehemiah did, and shake off that Tobiah and Sanballat spirit. Shake it off today and walk in that new season that God wants for you.


Lord, we come to you and ask that you will strengthen our hands to walk in your Spirit, fulfill our destiny here on earth, to advance your Kingdom by making disciples, walking in love with one another. Help us to stay committed to our home church. Help us to carry on with the work you have for us as soldiers of the most high, Amen.

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