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New Testament Paradigm

November 22nd daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


Philippians 2:5

5 Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:

Also Read:

1 Corinthians 11:1

Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ

We are living in a generation that has lost the importance and revelation of how God builds and the model of the cross that we should follow. A large portion of the church has taken in paradigms that are not godly but rather humanistic and gnostic. We have lost the paradigm of the cross of Jesus Christ, and how we should follow Christ as He laid down His life. Like the Gnostic's, we have a revelation of Christ living within us, but it is more of a concept and teaching rather than remaining in that first love and the power of His resurrection. Within us is often a collection of teachings and our dedication to them, rather than to our risen Lord Who lives in us, and Jesus is slighted. The New Testament paradigm of the Cross and the risen Lord should be the focus of our devotion every day. I find myself loving the idea of God at times, rather than keeping that pure devotion with Him, and then I have to repent. The teachings that many ministers hold to and "defend" can be orthodox, but they lose the paradigm of love that Jesus portrayed, the sacrifice that He gave, and the ministry that He poured out to many. It seems to me that many ministers try and add to the gospel, and the paradigm for us to follow is so clear, yet we make it difficult. We can't build a paradigm upon a paradigm, and we can't change the gospel to make it fit our agenda and what we think is right. Many churches have lowered the standard of what their church is to follow, and they make it an easy gospel. It becomes a fast-food gospel. I remember when we used to use the words, 'you got something to chase it down?" after you gobbled down a burger the size of Texas, and a big gulp the size of the ivory tower. It sounded real healthy, but this is a horrible way of eating that can cause some problems eventually. A paradigm is an example and model to follow, and the very foundation that was laid for us by the apostles, prophets, and Jesus Christ being the chief cornerstone is the very foundation that we need to follow today. I have minister friends overseas that are powerful ministers of God, and I see a vast difference between some ministers here in the United States and those from overseas. I think that the biggest reason for this is that some haven't been tainted by other paradigms, but understood right off the bat that ministry is just following what Christ Jesus did. I think that one of the major errors we have gotten into, including me, is defending the gospel with the wrong approach. Sometimes we get so caught up with what we think is right, and we lose sight of what needs to be done to transform our nation, change our community, and make disciples. It is very important to defend the gospel and to flow in our gifts and callings. I'm just saying that we need to get our priorities in order as the church and understand that the new testament model for the church is to minister to our community and have an outward ministry. It is extending our hands outside the four walls of the building and winning souls, feeding the poor, and making disciples, but yet done with love. It is following the paradigm of the cross. We've done all but make disciples. We have our programs, agendas, and other things, but our focus needs to be on the Kingdom of God. I want us today to have a fresh insight as to what God has for us and to ask God to place us where we need to be as we play our part in following the cross.


Lord, we repent for any other paradigms that we have allowed in our lives if any. Show us, Lord, if there is any way in us besides your way, and give us a fresh revelation of the only paradigm and foundation that we need to follow today, Amen.

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