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New Carts

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

November 1st daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


1 Chronicles 13:7

They carried the ark of God on a new cart from the house of Abinadab, and Uzza and Ahio drove the cart.

Back when Samuel the prophet was young, the Philistines won a battle against Jerusalem and stole the ark of the covenant. This ark caused a lot of problems with the Philistines and they just wanted away from it. The instruction that God wanted to be done as was written was to carry the ark upon the shoulders of the Priests, but they wanted to do it an easier way. We see a fast-food Christianity where we have our quick ten-second prayer, get in and out of the church as fast as we can so we can do other things. I remember as a kid eating fast food, and I would get a triple Cheeseburger with a big gulp coke the size of Texas and wash it down which was a saying we would use back then. We really thought this was healthy. We see this throughout the church today, and instead of Throughout the years there have been "new carts" used in churches that have brought us to a place of defeat instead of being an influence to the world. We have manipulated the body of Christ with scare tactics to get that money in the bucket. We've beaten the sheep instead of feeding and discipling them. Now what we see is the world running over the church like it's nothing. In this time we are living in God is raising a remnant that won't bow down the world's view of things. This remnant will be mighty in the battle against principalities and powers and will have pure worship that only comes from having a true relationship with Christ as Lord. God is raising this remnant to bring forth such a light to this generation, and this generation needs to see a group of believers who does things God's way. The world wants to see if what we believe is real or not, and so many times we try and force the presence of God down the world's throat. It's no wonder the world doesn't want anything to do with being a Christ-follower. They see the exact thing happening in the church that happens in the world. They see extreme gospel merchandising and crazy seed planting without the message of repentance, compromise that is weak with no morality, and horrible teachings that have deceived many. Will you be the remnant that says, "I want to get off this cart ride I've been riding on for years and get real with God." Will you say with me, I want to study the word of God to make sure what is being taught and practiced is biblical. Let's seek God today on how He wants things in this time we are living in.


Lord, help us to seek you with a whole heart. Lead us by your spirit to walk out this walk with you hand in hand, and if we have built some new carts let us do things your way.

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