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God Will meet Our Needs

November 11th daily blog devotional by Keith Wayne Edwards


Philippians 4:19

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus

Are you in need today? If we keep our eyes focused on God then He will take care of us, and He will meet our needs. As we seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness God will meet our needs, yet so many snap their finger and expect it right now and no later, and we see tele-evangelists begging for seeds and non-sense that has watered down the gospel and embarrassed the protestant church as a whole. I can remember many times having to be patient even when I prayed earnestly, and the answer did come. There have been times where I had forgotten a particular prayer that I had prayed, and that prayer was answered eventually. God works that way at times. But then there are times when God will intervene in a certain situation at that very moment we pray. I remember when I was in full-time ministry, and many would come in from other ministries. There were pastors, evangelists, and ministries that would come into this particular ministry to partner with us. That morning I was in need of new tires on my car, and I prayed for exactly three-hundred dollars for some tires. That morning an evangelist came in and came up to me. After the worship, he told me that he felt like the Lord told him to give me a bible. It was a very expensive bible. He told me that he just bought it for a hundred dollars, and for some reason, he felt like the Lord wanted him to bless me with it. He also wanted me to come by his house later that night and fellowship with him and his family. Little did I know what a blessing it was going to be. I never told him about needing tires. When I got to his house he saw my tires and told me to pull my car in the shop next to his house. He put my car on the rack and said that He felt like the Lord wanted him to bless me with two hundred dollars worth of tires. I couldn't believe it. coincidence? No, I believe it was God. They owned the tire shop, and this all came out to about three hundred dollars. Friend, God is concerned with us. He wants to meet our needs but not our greed. Sometimes God wants us to ask him for a need so that it can build our faith, but our asking will never be out of line with our union in Christ. He will automatically take care of us as we are seeking him, but sometimes it is a faith builder. Let's realize today that God is concerned with us, and He will supply all of our needs.


Lord, we ask that you meet the needs that we have today. We pray that you will first bless us with knowing you more, and that you will meet any needs we have, whether it is financial, physical, or emotional. Move us into a new season with you Lord, and grow us up in the ways we should go with you, Amen.

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