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Daddy, You Still Love Me?

November 17th daily blog devotional


Romans 8:39

Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

There was a story about a Father and Son who went hunting together. They went to an old log cabin to spend the night, and the Father told his Son to stay in this cabin until morning and don't leave this cabin. Later on in the night, the son got a little curious. He got his little shotgun, sneaked out the back door, and headed out to adventure his first hunting experience all alone. As he was walking through the woods he got caught in a bear trap. He screamed the words, "Daddy! help me! His Father ran as fast as he could, found his son, and pulled him out of the bear trap. The son looked up at his father and said, "you still love me?" Of course, I do son. You are my Son and that will never change. How many times do we mess up in our Christian walk and feel like God isn't there to forgive us? Can I get a witness? You didn't say enough prayers a particular day. You didn't obey a list about a mile long. You didn't obey the Lord in a particular area and now you feel abandoned and exiled from God forever. We'll I have and still do at times, and I have to call out to God in bear traps that I get myself into and call upon His blood in time of need. We all make mistakes and it is a growing process of His pruning to make us more like Him. But if you have missed it in some area you are not abandoned from God's love today. His love is unconditional, and His love is beyond any love that this world has to offer. We will become less likely to disobey God as we submit and grow in Him daily, but I promise you that if you step out to grow in the Lord you are going to stumble. I've got a lot of behind prints in the sand where God had to drag me at times but it was for my own good and I can see it now where it was God all along protecting me. My bottom is sore to this day from God spanking me at times as a Father. You know the old saying, "Put it on the south side of a northbound mule!" You may be feeling down today because you didn't do everything right yesterday. I want to encourage you to let Daddy God wrap His loving arms around you and enter His presence today so that you won't have to go around that same mountain with Him time and time again in a certain area. We have to sell all out to God and make Him Lord in every area through obedience. His love is like no other love, and when we get ourselves in life's bear traps, we can call out to Him and He will be there for us.


Lord, we come to you and ask that you will forgive us for any sin that we may have gotten ourselves trapped in. We call out to you for your rescue and ask that you would wrap those big arms around our hearts and guide us by your Spirit. Help us by your grace to receive your pruning, and help us by your mercy to call out to you in time of need. Amen.

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